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Securing the BC Services Card app

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Why you have to secure the app

Your privacy and security are important.

Securing the app prevents others from opening and using the app. For example, if your phone is lost, stolen or shared with others.

It prevents others from:

  • Using the app to access various services as you - such as health, tax or student loan information
  • Seeing your information that's displayed in the app
  • Making changes to your account

The BC Services Card app is different from other apps provided by the B.C. government - such as the BC Wallet app and the Health Gateway app. They have their own security options.

Ways to secure the app

There are two options to secure the app. Both are never shared with us and never leave your device.

Option 1: Use the same security as your device

You can use the way you unlock your device. For example:

  • A passcode, Touch ID or Face ID on an iPhone or iPad
  • A password, pattern or fingerprint on an Android device

This is good for people who always use a device passcode and always keep their device secure. If you sometimes turn off the passcode, we recommend you use a PIN instead.

If you use this option, then anyone that can unlock this device can:

  • See your identity information
  • Access your data
  • Access government services as you
  • See your account information

Option 2: Use a PIN

You can choose a PIN that is only used to open this app. Your PIN must be 6 digits long.

This is good for people who do not secure their device with a passcode or sometimes turn it off. Make sure you remember your PIN.

Securing a new device

When you get a new device, you need to set up the BC Services Card app again.

For each device, you can choose which way you want to secure the app. If you use a PIN, you can choose the same or a different PIN.

Forgot PIN?

The PIN you choose is never shared with us. It never leaves your device. If you cannot remember your PIN, we cannot help you get it or reset it.

You will need to:

  1. Remove the BC Services Card app from your device
  2. Redownload the BC Services Card app
  3. Add your account - including verifying your identity

The app will ask you to create a new PIN when you add your account.

Read more on how to:

How to change your PIN

Using the latest version of the BC Services Card app:

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on App security
  4. Tap on Change PIN

App reset when device passcode turned off

If you turn off the passcode on your device, even temporarily, the app can no longer access the secure data for the BC Services Card app. You will need to set up the app again.

If you sometimes turn off the passcode, we recommend you use a PIN instead.

The app will not reset if you:

  • Change your passcode
  • Add or remove fingerprints
  • Turn on or off your Face ID

Privacy information

The BC Services Card login process meets strict privacy and security standards.

While you may use your account to access different websites and services, your privacy is still protected.

For example:

  • A health care provider will not be able to see your driving record
  • A police officer or ICBC employee will not have access to your health records

Learn more about privacy

Need more help?

You can find more help in the user guides. If you're not able to find what you're looking for and want to talk to someone, call the Service BC Help Desk.

Service BC Help Desk

Open Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays)

7:30 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time
8:30 am to 6 pm Mountain Time

1-888-356-2741 (Canada and USA toll free)
604-660-2355 (Within Lower Mainland or outside Canada and USA)

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