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How to set up a username and password

First, go to a Service BC location

At Service BC, you will:

  1. Verify your identity with your BC Services Card

    This protects your identity so someone else can't use your card.
    Example of BC Services Card

  2. Get your BC Token

    It's a small device used to keep your account safe. It's an extra layer of security to protect your identity.
    The token is assigned to you. It only will work for you and can't be shared.

  3. Get a receipt

    Make sure you save your receipt. You'll enter a number on the receipt during setup.

What to bring:

  • Your BC Services Card
  • If it's a non-photo card, bring additional ID too

Find a Service BC location

Please note:

You can use the BC Services Card app instead of username and password. You don't have to go to a Service BC location when you set up the app. You can verify your identity by video using your mobile device.
Also, you can access the same services with the app.

Then, when you have your receipt from Service BC and your BC Token

Set up your username and password